Traveling Birthday

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So in other words, this post goes out to my lovely roommate on her birthday. Before we jump into everything I must explain that I love to celebrate people’s birthdays. It’s something that I’ve always done. There is something about making someone feel loved on their special day as much as you possibly can.


Now to our topic of the day; traveling birthday. You may be thinking “oh she’s going somewhere for her birthday”…not exactly. It’s WHAT that is traveling; not who! My roommate and I live approximately 5 hours from each other. And in this disappointment I was not able to go and see her. So I decided that I wanted to send her something in the mail.

Yes folks, this would be a job for Pinterest. I went searching for gifts to make, gifts to buy and wasn’t finding one specific item that I liked. I then came across a few care packages, sent from wives to their husbands overseas. Now that’s it! I will send some of her favorite things in a decorated box. That’ll surely show her how much I love and care about her!

I got to work and headed to:
world market and target…fantastic choices in my mind.

Here are the items I purchased:


I then proceeded to cut some construction paper, print off pictures and started gluing. You can decorate the box however you’d like (I know some people use wrapping paper).

Here is the turn out:


Finally, I threw in some Easter grass to brighten up the box and support the items.
VOILA! Traveling birthday.

It’s safe to say that she received the box and liked it…so my job here is done!

Next time you have a friend or loved one far from you and want to share love with them on their birthday, try the traveling birthday! You could even send them a literal birthday with party hats, cake mix and frosting, even balloons!
Just get creative!!!

All Over the Overalls

It’s summer 2014 and as we all know with new season comes new trends. Now, I know that summer is coming to a finish, but this style is coming to a rebirth….from the early 1980’s that is. You’ve guessed it, the farmer man’s daily outfit, OVERALLS. This trend was so popular back in the day for both farmers and 5 year olds. It was paired with enthusiastic prints, flannel and spaghetti straps. But today the recreation has been altered to fit the “shorter-end” generation.
Starting with length. This new comfy style has been shortened, like most things these days. However, they are still selling longer Capri length overalls. But the more popular look is the cropped leg. Apart from the length, the entire theme of an overall outfit has been expanded. Looking at the tops, fashion experts and fashionistas are pairing it with solid tees, and simple prints, thrown with a wide variety of shoes and accessories. It is so easy to glam up or glam down these simple jean short and top combo.
Near the beginning of summer I told myself that I just had to have a pair and low and behold, American Eagle fit my bill. They were so cute and hard to resist so I bought myself a pair and have been loving them since. IMG_4268.JPG

In this particular picture I used a simple white tee and a pair of gladiators I found on sale at target. If you’re feeling bold, some wedges and a solid red lipstick would do the trick for a night out.
In any event, you can use this new fad to give you a little throwback fix. Check it out, you may get more of a liking out of them than you think!

Traveler Touch

A little bit more than a month and I will be moving back to college. The excitement for me this year is great because I will be rooming with one of my best friends and another girl whom I cannot wait to get closer to! We are living in a suite, which consist of more room (thank goodness because we have a lot of stuff!!!). One of the rooms that we have is a study room, and the theme is traveler.
So of course decorations are needed to keep the room looking lively. I am a sucker for Pinterest crafts and could spend hours doodling….so when you put those two together, you get a map canvas!

Here is the Pinterest version of it:


And here is my final product:


I absolutely love the outcome and started to do a bit more with the leftover maps that I had. So I made heart shaped garland of the maps to string around the room!

These two are just the start of the crafts that need to be made before I go back, but it’s a start!

Take Your Time

This past weekend my best friend and I decided that it was time for us to have a quality bonding adventure; and what better way to do that than go camping! The two of us loaded the car with as much food, clothing, and camping gear as possible and we were off! (ACTUALLY: I made a 3 page detailed list of things that we needed to bring and what meals we were making. I’m what they call an organized freak!)

We went up to Higgins Lake in Michigan. This happens to be my favorite place in the entire world; one reason being because my family had a cottage a few years ago and we have been going since infancy. Another reason would be because the view is breathtaking. I mean, breathe in the fresh air, hear the waves chop onto the sea wall, blue as the ocean, soft to the touch sand breathtaking! It doesn’t get much better when you’re looking for a nice get away! It was so good to take a step back and enjoy the beauteous nature that God has created.
We sent up our tent and made our first meal (from Pinterest of course) tin foil chicken fajitas. This was a winner! Peppers, onions, and chicken, what can get better on a camping trip! Of course we had baked potatoes to go along with it….talk about yummy in our tummies! The rest of our meals for our weekend included: hobo pizzas, corn on the cob, apple pie s’mores, lots of fruits and veggies, and of course beach munchies.


Another thing that we love to do is run. So with that being said we ran twice each day, because with such a scenic view as that, how could you not want to run twice. Thus allowing us to eat as much as we wanted on the beach! Something else that the two of us decided on was to do an in-depth bible study. We came upon Hebrews and talked about the first four verses. Discussing the symbolism and thematic presence of the importance of Christ. It was nice to not breeze through an entire chapter of a bible to pick up just the bits and pieces of knowledge that can be unfolded. We took the time to enjoy God’s word for the profoundness that it beholds.


And of course, we enjoyed the relaxing lake view during the day as we laid on the beach and went in the semi-chilly, yet refreshing water. It is just the simplicity of sitting and allowing your eyes to take every little thing in that makes me most happy, the additional senses are blessings!
H E R E. I S. O U R. V I E W :



Needless to say Higgins Lake is a MUST for a nice little getaway! Or even just the ability to camp and enjoy what God has to offer through his beauteous creations!

God Is the Secret Ingredient

I’ve been doing a bit of reading in the book of James lately. This book is a lot of direction towards Christians on how we should act; how we think, speak, listen, and see things. It’s kind of an interesting thing to compare even the smallest details of our actions to the way Jesus lived out his love.

As humans we fall short but we are told to live our lives as close to parallel with Christ as we can. Starting with James chapter 1 it blatantly (as the bible tends to do) states that we will be facing trials. Well, good to know because that’s what life is obviously made up of; even as Christians we still face trials. But the next verse is key. It states: “that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Just let that sink in.

It’s actually saying that trials, the horrible, lonely, melancholy, and brutal challenges that we face everyday in life, will produce good things. Now, we know that it’s not an easy thing to take a bad day at the office and see the good through this. But with God’s help we can. He is the secret ingredient to anything in order for our faith to persevere through trials.

Our faith in God grows through these demanding trials, because we know that he turns things into glory for the kingdom. We just need to trust in him with our faith, even if it be little.

So if you take anything away from these two little verses, know that trials WILL happen, but you just have to trust God to turn them into something good.

Summertime Henna

It’s that time of year where there are multiple “fest’s” a month; blues, jazz, art, etc. I love going to these sorts of events because the food is so good, and they have such culturally diverse things to do. While at a blues fest I came across a henna tattoo booth. I have had one done before so I could take on that ultimate hipster look. But it has become so popular that the lines are so long and the prices can get unreasonable. So I took a trip to my local Michaels and found a package of henna on my own. 20140702-110741-40061017.jpg

This was only $14 and there is so much henna ink that it comes with it!
Another plus is that the instructions are insanely easy and with just a creative hand you can have your own professional looking design!

Here is how mine and my sister’s turned out



I would suggest drawing it out BEFORE you start inking…it just makes it a million times easier!

So try some ink on your skin this summer and explore the world of henna!

Classic Coca Cola

My sister and I used to take a lot of pictures with each other when I was living at home, but since being at college that hasn’t happened as much. So we decided to have a mini-photo shoot to make up for the many pictures that we didn’t get while I was away.
Of course we didn’t have a professional photographer around so we used our loving mother to take the pics (shout out to a great mom!!!!).

We decided that we needed a prop and came up with the idea of an old coke bottle.

Here is the turn out:














So take some time with some family or close friends and do your own little photo shoot! Get creative! And have fun!

Stringing Along

As a college student, we are given many projects near the end of the semester. For my New Testament class we had the opportunity to either watch a movie, read a book, or do a creative project…now as a Pinterest fanatic, I of course wanted to use my creative side. So I decided to try the ever so popular string art.
Things I used:
-plywood (whatever size you want)
-stain (whatever color you want)
-string of your choosing

Since I am no good when it comes to using the saw I had a little assistance from my dad. After that, we stained it to the color of my choosing. I decided to create a cross, which has deeper meaning than the typical symbolism of what it means to be a Christian. I then drew out the cross to the size I wanted and started to nail the outline of it. Then on the outer edge of the plywood I put a border of nails. After this is pretty much easy, all you need is some string and a messy mind. Knot the string onto one of the nails and then just rope it around the nails on the board sporadically. I went around the outside of it just to give it a border. I then took white string and outlined the cross.
Here is the finished outcome:


The underlying background of this whole thing is wood, representing the cross which Jesus took up. The nails are what pierced his flesh, they also represent us in the sense that our own sins were pierced into his skin willingly. I thought that the red string shows the mess of or lives and the many sins that we have created, but once we connect ourselves to the cross we are made pure. Which brings us the the white string. It represents the purification that Christ gave us through dying on the cross for us.
I am very pleased with the turn out of the project and love to receive the idea that a loving and merciful God sent his son to die for our sins.

Doodles Everyday

Alright, so you could say that I have an addiction; an addiction with doodling that is. I don’t know what it is about the curves and edges of writing and sketching out lines and letters. It’s a therapeutic thing that I love to do in between classes (and when I’m supposed to be doing homework). But hey! I’m just strengthening my creative side of the brain…can’t use the left one all the time!
Today I found a really fun pin on Pinterest and so I decided to duplicate it!
Hope you enjoy…and maybe do some doodling yourself!


Girls Night In

It’s been such a great weekend my fellow bloggers and blog readers! Why? Because I was reunited with my best friend in the whole wide world! We had the typical girls night in and it was so fabulous. And sometimes it’s nice to just talk and watch movies, but when you are looking for a few things to do, you’ve come to the right place.
Starting off with DIY sharpie mugs. We literally went to the Salvation Army and bought 50 cent mugs, came back and started to decorate. So sharpie your mug away with any color you would like. And when you are done, 350 in the oven for 30 minutes. Just make sure you DON’T put it in the dishwasher.
Here is how it turned out….



After this we did a facial mask. Now there are a billion different combinations of facials that you can do, but we just used an avocado, brown sugar, and honey mask.

We applied ours and then left it on for an hour or so (or until it gets hard). Then rinse it off and your face is clean and soft.

While we had or facials on we decided that we needed to watch a girly movie so, we Netflix-surfed and decided Breakfast at Tiffany’s was the winner.
Such a classic must see!


So I think it’s safe to say that this makes for a great girls night in. It was relaxing, crafty, girly, and all around fun. And it was also so nice to see a lifetime friend.