Caprese Easy

Lettuce, cherry tomato, shredded cheese, egg, crouton, dressing of choice. This my friends is your typical, last-minute sort of salad that gets thrown on the table if you need another healthy side-dish. Well not anymore! Of course, this is a recipe I have found on Pinterest but it is a Pioneer Woman steal. Ladies and […]

It’s a Finish

I’ve finally gotten my mug back!!! And as I see many different things that I think could have turned out better, I love the overall look! This design is actually based off of one I saw on Pinterest…..go figure!  It was so much fun spending time with my mom and sister being able to paint […]

It’s a Start

In the quiet, little town that I come from we have a creative pottery shop. It has a range of things to paint and about a week or so ago my mom, sister, and I went in and all decided to paint coffee cups/mugs. We talked about it and wanted to all have at least […]

You’re Such a Goof Ball

So a family tradition that we have every Christmas/New Years is to make a batch of what we call Goof Balls. Now, many people will know these as buckeyes but since the tradition goes so far back in our family we have called it something a little different. With the rich, chocolate outside and the […]