Pick Me Up

We all have our days. We all have our moments. When things are just dragging us down and nothing goes our way. In these times, I turn to God. I turn to him in my time of doubt, time of sadness, or time of distress. The first thing I start with is prayer. I pray all the time and it is something that gives me inner peace after doing so. The second thing is scripture. There is something about opening up God’s word and reading reassuring scripture.

So after “Pinteresting” one day I came across this pin…

I loved the whole idea of this and wanted to make a craft for my sister out of it!

So I thought about making her a contact book. For when she needs some advice or comforting words of scripture, the little book would be her go-to bible verse book.


Here is what I used:
-gold sharpie
-colored card stock paper
-hole punch

How I made it:
It’s pretty self-explanatory by looking at the pictures…but I basically took a piece of paper, wrote on the verse that I wanted and then put a heart in two corners. I did this for about 20 or more verses from the list above.

20140223-224544.jpgAfter I was done with that I hole punched the papers in the upper, left-hand corner. I then braided some string together, strung it through the hole in the paper and tied a bow.


20140223-224659.jpgIt’s as simple as that! And honestly it can make such a difference in someone’s day. My sister loved the book and I already have a request for another.

I hope that you are able to make this sometime…even if it is for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Pick Me Up

  1. So I sorta just stalked your blog and I am realizing how much I miss Amanda! You’re so crafty and talented and I am quite jealous! Like I said, miss you and we must get coffee soon and catch up before I go off to college too.

    • Aww Kristin! I miss you too! Hope senior year is going okay and that you are enjoying every moment! Let me know if you need help with open house ideas! Coffee sounds good! I will get a hold of you soon! Love you dear

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