Stringing Along

As a college student, we are given many projects near the end of the semester. For my New Testament class we had the opportunity to either watch a movie, read a book, or do a creative project…now as a Pinterest fanatic, I of course wanted to use my creative side. So I decided to try the ever so popular string art.
Things I used:
-plywood (whatever size you want)
-stain (whatever color you want)
-string of your choosing

Since I am no good when it comes to using the saw I had a little assistance from my dad. After that, we stained it to the color of my choosing. I decided to create a cross, which has deeper meaning than the typical symbolism of what it means to be a Christian. I then drew out the cross to the size I wanted and started to nail the outline of it. Then on the outer edge of the plywood I put a border of nails. After this is pretty much easy, all you need is some string and a messy mind. Knot the string onto one of the nails and then just rope it around the nails on the board sporadically. I went around the outside of it just to give it a border. I then took white string and outlined the cross.
Here is the finished outcome:


The underlying background of this whole thing is wood, representing the cross which Jesus took up. The nails are what pierced his flesh, they also represent us in the sense that our own sins were pierced into his skin willingly. I thought that the red string shows the mess of or lives and the many sins that we have created, but once we connect ourselves to the cross we are made pure. Which brings us the the white string. It represents the purification that Christ gave us through dying on the cross for us.
I am very pleased with the turn out of the project and love to receive the idea that a loving and merciful God sent his son to die for our sins.


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