Summertime Henna

It’s that time of year where there are multiple “fest’s” a month; blues, jazz, art, etc. I love going to these sorts of events because the food is so good, and they have such culturally diverse things to do. While at a blues fest I came across a henna tattoo booth. I have had one done before so I could take on that ultimate hipster look. But it has become so popular that the lines are so long and the prices can get unreasonable. So I took a trip to my local Michaels and found a package of henna on my own. 20140702-110741-40061017.jpg

This was only $14 and there is so much henna ink that it comes with it!
Another plus is that the instructions are insanely easy and with just a creative hand you can have your own professional looking design!

Here is how mine and my sister’s turned out



I would suggest drawing it out BEFORE you start inking…it just makes it a million times easier!

So try some ink on your skin this summer and explore the world of henna!


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