God Is the Secret Ingredient

I’ve been doing a bit of reading in the book of James lately. This book is a lot of direction towards Christians on how we should act; how we think, speak, listen, and see things. It’s kind of an interesting thing to compare even the smallest details of our actions to the way Jesus lived out his love.

As humans we fall short but we are told to live our lives as close to parallel with Christ as we can. Starting with James chapter 1 it blatantly (as the bible tends to do) states that we will be facing trials. Well, good to know because that’s what life is obviously made up of; even as Christians we still face trials. But the next verse is key. It states: “that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Just let that sink in.

It’s actually saying that trials, the horrible, lonely, melancholy, and brutal challenges that we face everyday in life, will produce good things. Now, we know that it’s not an easy thing to take a bad day at the office and see the good through this. But with God’s help we can. He is the secret ingredient to anything in order for our faith to persevere through trials.

Our faith in God grows through these demanding trials, because we know that he turns things into glory for the kingdom. We just need to trust in him with our faith, even if it be little.

So if you take anything away from these two little verses, know that trials WILL happen, but you just have to trust God to turn them into something good.


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