Take Your Time

This past weekend my best friend and I decided that it was time for us to have a quality bonding adventure; and what better way to do that than go camping! The two of us loaded the car with as much food, clothing, and camping gear as possible and we were off! (ACTUALLY: I made a 3 page detailed list of things that we needed to bring and what meals we were making. I’m what they call an organized freak!)

We went up to Higgins Lake in Michigan. This happens to be my favorite place in the entire world; one reason being because my family had a cottage a few years ago and we have been going since infancy. Another reason would be because the view is breathtaking. I mean, breathe in the fresh air, hear the waves chop onto the sea wall, blue as the ocean, soft to the touch sand breathtaking! It doesn’t get much better when you’re looking for a nice get away! It was so good to take a step back and enjoy the beauteous nature that God has created.
We sent up our tent and made our first meal (from Pinterest of course) tin foil chicken fajitas. This was a winner! Peppers, onions, and chicken, what can get better on a camping trip! Of course we had baked potatoes to go along with it….talk about yummy in our tummies! The rest of our meals for our weekend included: hobo pizzas, corn on the cob, apple pie s’mores, lots of fruits and veggies, and of course beach munchies.


Another thing that we love to do is run. So with that being said we ran twice each day, because with such a scenic view as that, how could you not want to run twice. Thus allowing us to eat as much as we wanted on the beach! Something else that the two of us decided on was to do an in-depth bible study. We came upon Hebrews and talked about the first four verses. Discussing the symbolism and thematic presence of the importance of Christ. It was nice to not breeze through an entire chapter of a bible to pick up just the bits and pieces of knowledge that can be unfolded. We took the time to enjoy God’s word for the profoundness that it beholds.


And of course, we enjoyed the relaxing lake view during the day as we laid on the beach and went in the semi-chilly, yet refreshing water. It is just the simplicity of sitting and allowing your eyes to take every little thing in that makes me most happy, the additional senses are blessings!
H E R E. I S. O U R. V I E W :



Needless to say Higgins Lake is a MUST for a nice little getaway! Or even just the ability to camp and enjoy what God has to offer through his beauteous creations!


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