All Over the Overalls

It’s summer 2014 and as we all know with new season comes new trends. Now, I know that summer is coming to a finish, but this style is coming to a rebirth….from the early 1980’s that is. You’ve guessed it, the farmer man’s daily outfit, OVERALLS. This trend was so popular back in the day for both farmers and 5 year olds. It was paired with enthusiastic prints, flannel and spaghetti straps. But today the recreation has been altered to fit the “shorter-end” generation.
Starting with length. This new comfy style has been shortened, like most things these days. However, they are still selling longer Capri length overalls. But the more popular look is the cropped leg. Apart from the length, the entire theme of an overall outfit has been expanded. Looking at the tops, fashion experts and fashionistas are pairing it with solid tees, and simple prints, thrown with a wide variety of shoes and accessories. It is so easy to glam up or glam down these simple jean short and top combo.
Near the beginning of summer I told myself that I just had to have a pair and low and behold, American Eagle fit my bill. They were so cute and hard to resist so I bought myself a pair and have been loving them since. IMG_4268.JPG

In this particular picture I used a simple white tee and a pair of gladiators I found on sale at target. If you’re feeling bold, some wedges and a solid red lipstick would do the trick for a night out.
In any event, you can use this new fad to give you a little throwback fix. Check it out, you may get more of a liking out of them than you think!


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