Traveling Birthday

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So in other words, this post goes out to my lovely roommate on her birthday. Before we jump into everything I must explain that I love to celebrate people’s birthdays. It’s something that I’ve always done. There is something about making someone feel loved on their special day as much as you possibly can.


Now to our topic of the day; traveling birthday. You may be thinking “oh she’s going somewhere for her birthday”…not exactly. It’s WHAT that is traveling; not who! My roommate and I live approximately 5 hours from each other. And in this disappointment I was not able to go and see her. So I decided that I wanted to send her something in the mail.

Yes folks, this would be a job for Pinterest. I went searching for gifts to make, gifts to buy and wasn’t finding one specific item that I liked. I then came across a few care packages, sent from wives to their husbands overseas. Now that’s it! I will send some of her favorite things in a decorated box. That’ll surely show her how much I love and care about her!

I got to work and headed to:
world market and target…fantastic choices in my mind.

Here are the items I purchased:


I then proceeded to cut some construction paper, print off pictures and started gluing. You can decorate the box however you’d like (I know some people use wrapping paper).

Here is the turn out:


Finally, I threw in some Easter grass to brighten up the box and support the items.
VOILA! Traveling birthday.

It’s safe to say that she received the box and liked it…so my job here is done!

Next time you have a friend or loved one far from you and want to share love with them on their birthday, try the traveling birthday! You could even send them a literal birthday with party hats, cake mix and frosting, even balloons!
Just get creative!!!


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