God Is the Secret Ingredient

I’ve been doing a bit of reading in the book of James lately. This book is a lot of direction towards Christians on how we should act; how we think, speak, listen, and see things. It’s kind of an interesting thing to compare even the smallest details of our actions to the way Jesus lived […]

Ink me White

For a year or more I have played with the idea of getting a tattoo. It was finally decided that for my birthday that I would get a white ink one. So about two weeks ago I finally got it. The cross waves into the word faith. An important verse that I have learned over […]

Disaster to Beauty

It’s nights like these that remind me of how powerful and loving the almighty God really is. This sunset of the ice storm that came through, shows us that even in the most disastrous storm, God can make beautiful things. Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. […]