Traveling Birthday

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So in other words, this post goes out to my lovely roommate on her birthday. Before we jump into everything I must explain that I love to celebrate people’s birthdays. It’s something that I’ve always done. There is something about making someone feel loved on their special day as much as you […]

All Over the Overalls

It’s summer 2014 and as we all know with new season comes new trends. Now, I know that summer is coming to a finish, but this style is coming to a rebirth….from the early 1980’s that is. You’ve guessed it, the farmer man’s daily outfit, OVERALLS. This trend was so popular back in the day […]

Classic Coca Cola

My sister and I used to take a lot of pictures with each other when I was living at home, but since being at college that hasn’t happened as much. So we decided to have a mini-photo shoot to make up for the many pictures that we didn’t get while I was away. Of course […]

Girls Night In

It’s been such a great weekend my fellow bloggers and blog readers! Why? Because I was reunited with my best friend in the whole wide world! We had the typical girls night in and it was so fabulous. And sometimes it’s nice to just talk and watch movies, but when you are looking for a […]

Major Baby Fever

So my friend and I have started to live at college, and this entire first semester we have seen babies. We will see them within the DC, or the church sanctuary, as well as in the dorm halls. What we think we may have is a case of baby-fever! We just want to hold those […]